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Living Wage Lab

The Living Wage Lab helps business and other stakeholders in the agri-food sector in finding solutions to realise living wages in their supply chains. Hivos and Fairfood launched the Lab because low wages are a persistent problem in many global value chains and cannot be solved by individual companies alone. It brings together Netherlands-based stakeholders to develop and experiment with innovative ways to realise decent wages.

Earning a living wage
enables workers to meet
their basic needs

Photo: Neil Palmer

Living Wage

A living wage provides the worker with a decent standard of living for himself and his or her family. Elements of a decent standard of living include basic needs such as nutritious food, water, housing, clothing, medical care, transport and education. A living wage should also enable him or her to save some money for unexpected events. In many countries people producing the food do not earn enough to cover their basic needs.

In many countries the minimum wage is less than a living wage

Photo: Asian Development Bank