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About Living Wage Lab

The Living Wage Lab is a platform for co-creation and experimentation: just like in a laboratory we test ideas and combinations to develop new ideas and prototypes to address the living wage issue. The Lab follows the approach of the 'change lab’: a social innovation process where stakeholders collaborate on a complex problem. Solutions are found in new technologies, new policies, new business models, and other forms of collaboration. A wide array of stakeholders participate in the Lab; producers, retailers, government, trade unions, NGOs, certification bodies and research institutes.

The Living Wage Lab provides a platform to:

  • Exchange insights on best practices and lessons learned
  • Develop tools to get started with implementing living wage
  • Support each other in the set up of projects to implement living wage

A Change Lab is a platform for co-creation and experimentation

Photo: Hivos

Change Lab-approach

The Living Wage Lab is a so called Change Lab: it provides space for a variety of stakeholders to explore and experiment and work together to find solutions for an urgent and complex problem.

When is a Change Lab used?
1 There is no solution or best practice readily available;
2 More than one expert is required to address the problem; 
3 There is no formal authority owning the problem, process and/or solution.

The Lab Process
Our lab process is designed to create a conducive environment for trust building and problem-solving. We move through 5 phases which are fluid and flexible: defining, exploring, connecting, testing and unleashing.

Hivos and Fairfood launched the Living Wage Lab in November 2015. We believe that the supply chain as a whole has a shared responsibility in ensuring that workers are paid a living wage, while each separate stakeholder also has an individual responsibility to attain this goal.